Local Racers!


Jim is one of our very successful local racers. Hailing out of Linden, Texas Jim for the last three years has been in competition for the "No Electronics Class" points title at Hallsville Raceway. He has won the season points in this class One year and placed second two years. Guys you better watch out for this foot braked, small block powered Chevy II which is capable of high 10 second quarter mile times. Recently at the IHRA WORLD FINALS, Jim WON the NO-ELECTRONICS Class and faced a "box" car in the PRO Final. Jim TREE'D the "box" car with a .505 light to the "box" cars .530 light. It was the last race of the night and the Chevy II's little slicks slipped and the overall win slipped by. Jim completed this season by cinching the #2 position in points at Red River Raceway in Gilliam, LA.... See... I told you he was "Bad"!

Presently Jim and Amanda are managing the Red River Raceway. It is good to have a "racer" working with the racers at the track each week. Keep up the good work Jim and Amanda.

Big Jim

Big Jim, Himself Miss Amanda, Herself



Hailing out of Linden, TX, Big Brett Pixley is one of my racing "pix"! Brett and his 355" Small Block Chevy powered '67 Camaro are becoming a force to deal with in the Four States Area! You will find Brett out there pounding the track every weekend that he does not have to work. His favorite track is Red River Raceway in Gilliam, LA. Brett's dad also sports a Camaro down the RRR track most weekends!

"Your Not Racing Til' Your Going Through The Lights At 200 MPH With Your Hair On Fire!"

Forest Fair driving "Joel's Toy" was the S.D.B.A. Blown Gas Record Holder at 172 MPH back in 1985. Forest has also been instrumental in the Star-Fish Racing Team. He is an engineer at the GM plant in Shreveport and is partners with us in our dyno operation.

Joel's Toy

Record Setter
Yellow Fever

"Adger Smith"

Adger Smith of Texarkana has been a Racer and Engine Builder in the Four States area for over three decades. He is a past N.H.R.A. H-Stock Record holder and I.H.R.A. Stock and Modified Record Holder. Adger has raced several doorslammers and dragsters in Competition Eliminator, Modified Production and Brackets. While piloting his "Record Setting" '29 Roadster in Modified at Cordova Raceway Divisional during the 1999 points chase, Adger experienced a severe life threatening crash at the finish line in the semi's that almost took his life. Adger was in the Top 15 in the Nation in Modified at the time, but ended up #20 after missing the last several races of the season. He set two I.H.R.A. National Records with this car. Adger spent the next 10 weeks in hospitals and is now back at work and racing again.
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This Placecraft Jetboat is Up and Running!

This boat is up... and the throttle is not fully open. This is a great shot of an example of a jetboat on the edge! Can you tell me who the boat owner, the driver and what race this may be? .... OK, OK.... After a number of very near guesses, it is now time to reveal the answer. This jetboat pilot is Gary Logue driving Carlton Frank's "UNDERDOG" Record Setting Blown Gas Jet in Monroe, LA circa 1985. I'll never forget the following pass as I was sitting on the holding rope and the Underdog blew over in the traps.

Fast Jetboat

Smokin' Bubba

Bubba Kirkland

Here is another local racer that has really began to enjoy quarter mile drag racing. Bubba has taken this "Cafe Racer" and turned it into a real "Pavement Pounder"! Bubba has been honing his skills at tracks around the area. He can be seen on a regular basis at Red River Raceway along with Hallsville Raceway and an occasional trip to the Motoroplex. Where are you Bubba? I have not seen you in awhile!


Comp Hydro on the move. Take a look at the set on this hydro. It is riding on the two front sponson tips and the prop! Are you ready for a ride?


This is the first of four race cars out of the Hannon Bros. stable. Pat and Tim Hannon fielded this 9 second Small Block Chevy Powered '69 Camaro in races around the Four States Area. OK.... just because you moved to Houston..... you can still stop by the shop every now and then!


This Vega Wagon has been one race car to contend with. Raced by both Rick Boler and Tim Hannon. The wagon has small block bracket power elapsed quarter mile times in the low 9's. The all tubing chassis and engine were constructed by Steven Smith and the sheetmetal and bodywork was performed by Chris Cook. This litte car is quite a handful.

DKR Racing!

David Kempf Racing. This Neil and Parks Super Comp style dragster was driven by David Kempf and Stuart Smith in N.H.R.A. Division 4. This dragster has been powered by 355" to 377" carbureted Small Block Chevies and is now in the Dallas area.


OH NO! Here She Comes Again! Jeannie Barber and her husband Monty can be seen "Runnin' All Over" Texas with their stable of race cars. Watch out for them regularly at an East Texas raceway!

Here She Comes Again!


This young lady attends Atlanta public schools in Atlanta, TX. She loves Drag Racing and aspires to be a Junior Dragster Champion. She just can't wait to pilot her bright yellow All Pro - Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts Junior Dragster down the 1/8 mile. Peyton can be seen on weekends "hanging out" with grandpa Tom Brown at many race tracks across the country!


It's hard to know which category to place this car! This '73 SD 455 Trans Am has seen regular action on the Streets around Atlanta as well as local and national event Dragways since it was brand new! A few of this cars accolades include: '98 & '99 Southern Nationals Class Winner, '92 & '93 NMCA H/Stock Class Record Holder, '88 & '89 Musclecar Nationals Winner. This is one tough factory musclecar! Mark is in process of restoring his '71 455 HO GTO Judge and also enjoys an occasional cruise in his '66 GTO. This past year Mark has become quite involved in the 125cc "Fat Boy" shifter carts and really enjoys his seat time! In April 2003 the SD was featured in HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC.
See story at the following link: A Charmed Life.

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