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"DODGE Comp Eliminator"
"455" Pontiac"

I thought this was an interesting engine, and a little out of the norm! Take a close look... This is an ALL IRON 60's - 70's style 455" Pontiac. The engine belongs to Jeff Burian of Bossier City, LA. He first built it as a Tunnel Ram engine on gasoline and tuned it in the 700 hp range. Then he decided to put a blower on her.... and with 7.9:1 compression ratio and 16 lbs boost the engine produced 970 Ft Lbs Tq @ 5200 rpm and 1150 HP @ 6700.
So, did he take her home and put her in the car? NO... he went back and raised the compression to 11:1 and picked up a Kinsler calibrated Dual Terminator injection system and then the engine produced 1000+ Ft Lbs of Tq @ 5600 and almost 1300 HP at 7300 with his "middle of the road" pulleys. How much power will that stock block hold?