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VP Marine / VP Performance Unlead

PERFORMANCE UNLEADED was designed for use in street legal cars. This fuel does not contain any metal compounds and will not damage catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.



VP Red / C 10 / C12

Designed for the performance enthusiasts and racer that needs a racing gasoline, but don’t require our C-12 or C-14 racing fuels. For use in 12.5 to 1 compression ratios and under.

The best unleaded racing gasoline available. C-10 is also legal for use on the streets and does not contain any metal compounds. C-10 will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. C-10 has been used in Firestone Firehawk, SCCA Escort Series and Indy Lights.

Recommended for compression ratios up to 14.0 to 1. Will satisfy 75 to 85% of today’s racing engines.
Used in endurance, oval track racing, NHRA super stocks cars Off-Road vehicle, 2 strokes and boats.

VP Fuels C14 / C15

Recommended in high compression engines. Recommended for high RPM’s. Used in NHRA Pro Stock, Comp Cars, 4-stroke motorcycle racing. Any normally aspirated engines with compression ratios 14.0 to 1 and over.

Recommended for normally aspirated ultra high compression applications where C14 does not offer enough protection. Over 14 to 1 compression and high RPM. For use in some competition eliminator, circle track, and road race applications.

VP Fuels C16 / C18

Recommend for ultra high cylinder pressure applications. Used in Turbochargers, Blowers, Airplane racing, or Nitrous Oxide applications.