Dodge Racing Engine
451 Cubic Inch

Dodge "Wayne County" P&S Foundry Block - 4 Bolt Main - Short Skirt - Short Deck - Pro Stock Block. Lifter bores relocated and bronze sleeves. Cam tunnel custom bore size.

Sonny Bryant steel billet crankshaft. Custom stroke and journal sizes. Custom balanced, knife edged, low rotating mass.
Gianonne Racing Products aluminum rods. Custom taper wall pins.

Custom Venolia forged aluminum pistons. Custom dome tracer milled and gas ported, lightened, etc. Extra new pistons. Domes and skirts coated.
Competition Cams custom billet roller camshaft. Lobes respaced, larger base circle, larger journal size.

Dodge B-1 TS cylinder heads. Flo Design custom porting and combustion chamber work for Competition Eliminator/Pro-Stock application. Titanium valves, triple springs, titanium retainers, etc. Jesel shaft rocker system w/ custom rocker arms.
MacPhee single dominator sheet metal tunnel ram intake manifold. Beshears "Carbsmith" Dominator or Stealth Racing Carbs Dominator carburetor.

Jesel camshaft belt drive. Jesel/Mallory belt driven distributor. Accel black pro wires. Moroso crank trigger ignition.
ATI balancer, Reactor flywheel, vacuum pump, Hamburger full box style w/ full kick out wet sump oil pan. Weaver Bros. single stage oil pump.

Low time engine freshened with new pistons, new rods, new coated bearings, new rings, fresh valve job, new valve springs, etc.
On our conservative Superflo Dynamometer the engine produces 640+ ft. lbs. of torque at 7200 RPM and 930+ horsepower at 8200 RPM. Best shift point is 8600 RPM.
This engine has propelled an NHRA Competition Eliminator and IHRA Modified Dragster to several 6.99 second passes at 191 MPH. 60 foot times are consistently sub 1.06 with a best of .98 seconds. This dragster earlier ran on the NHRA Record, and presently runs consistently under the IHRA A/ED National Record. This engine propelled the first NHRA Dodge powered Competition Eliminator to a sub seven second pass and also the first Dodge powered Comp Eliminator to exceed 190 MPH. Consistently one of the quickest single four barrell Dodges in the country.

Complete Carburetor to pan with flywheel, external oil pump, vaccum pump, etc. complete. $13K US Currency.

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