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   C12 Racing Fuel has set the standard in the racing world for performance and consistency. C12 was the first fuel produced by VP Racing 23 years ago. An ongoing research effort to improve C12 has kept it the fuel of choice for 75% of VP customers. C12 was the first racing fuel to prove that burning speed, vaporization and BTU value were as important as octane. The important issue here is to keep all of the properties balanced. This allowed C12 to be the first racing fuel to also make more power than other fuels that just concentrate on octane. Just producing high octane numbers is easy. It doesn't take any technical ability.

   C12 has been successful in a wide range of applications including: circle track (high and low compression), drag, off-road, desert, motocross, snowmobiles, jet skis and road racing. This however, doesn't mean that C12 is a generic fuel suited for every application. But, for certain applications it is the very best fuel possible. Because of its properties, C12 is one of our most popular fuels.

C12 Formula Change for 1998
   As a result of ongoing research, the formula for C12 has changed slightly. The changes show improvements on the race track in resistance to detonation and a power gain at high RPM. These improvements were not at the expense of any other C12 quality.

   The specific gravity has changed from .708 to .717. Scavengers in the lead octane improver have been changed to be more effective at a much lower concentration. RVP has increased from 6.5 to 7.1. These changes are very minimal. The most significant change is in the vaporization of the 50%-90% distillation range. This better vaporization results in a fuel that has significantly better resistance to detonation on the track, and a slight power gain at high RPM's.

   These changes were tested in every conceivable application over the past 2 years. These blend changes are not done often only after extensive research, development and testing. The new C12 has tested better in every application.



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