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Methanol and Upper Lube



M1 Methanol plus M2 Upper Lube M1 METHANOL FOR RACING

M1 Racing methanol has a 99.95% minimum purity. M1 is sold in specialty lined and factory sealed containers for protection against moisture and corrosion. Best Alky to use for Drag Racing.


We also stock High Grade Industrial Methanol that may be used for racing or industrial use. This product is packaged in 55 gallon drums and is very cost competitive. This product is a very good alternative to the M1 when price or useage is a high consideration.





M2 was specifically designed to solve the problem of extra engine wear associated with the use of alcohol fuels. M2 protects valves, guides, cylinder walls and aluminum fuel systems for methanol powered engines. It also has a special scavenger which wards off additional problems such as lead-fouled spark plugs. In short, M2 offers unique engine protection that pays for itself. M2 is the only fuel additive that adds to methanol engine life without subtracting from performance.


Cool Down

Cool Down is a technologically advanced formula designed to reduce coolant-operating temperatures. Actual on track tests have produced reductions in operating temperatures of 20 deg. To 50 deg. The use of Cool Down yields these benefits:

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