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Fuel Related Accessories


Siphon Pump

We stock two versions of this this heavy duty pump constructed with a PVC suction tube, polyethylene bellow and discharge tube. They will siphon from higher to lower levels effortlessly. Simply pump the bellows a few times to prime the pump: then open the crew top to stop liquid flow and internal flapper valve prevent reverse flow. Pumps 7 GPM from any 15, 30, or 55-gallon drum with 2" female pipe thread. We also stock Drum wrenches.





Strong rigid construction made of high-density polyethylene. Features large full-grip non protruding handle, 83 mm closure with o'ring, meets D.O.T. 34 specifications, will hold 5 gallons and is available in white, or red and Round or Square. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted Regulations in July of 2000 relating to Portable Fuel Containers and Spouts used in California. The VP utility jug currently on the market is NOT intended for fuel use in the state of California. Sale or use of the VP utility jug as a fuel container in the state of California may subject you to a violation of such Regulations and penalties. Replacement jug caps are also available.

This heavy duty funnel allows easy filling against a bulkhead from any side. The funnel's 3-step orifice may be cut off for different rates of flow. The funnel may also be purchased with a removable, 60 micron stainless screen filter insert. The insert's polypropylene housing is durable and is easily removed for cleaning. The O-ring is set into a molded-in groove to provide a tight seal.

Drum handling equipment also available.
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